At our terrain in Oss (Noord-Brabant) you can come to play a fantastic game of Paintball on one of the most beautifull tracks in Noord-Brabant.

We offer thermal masks, wich are ideal because they do not get covered when it’s raining outside.

What is paintball?

Paintball is an adventurous action- and strategy game, for joungsters and elderly people, wich guarantees a intensive participation.  Two teams wich are covered in protective clothes and armed with a paintballgun battle for victory.

The diverse games guarantee a nice day for everyone: from the trigger-happy shooter too the real strategist.

Benefits of Paintball

Countless obstackles.

Thermal masks (weatherproof).

Form of games:

Capture the flag.

One man standing.

The elimination game.

The bunny.

We also do kidspaintball and lasergame!