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Bike rental

To discover the peacefull natur around Hotel de Naaldhof, you are able to rent a bike at reception.

At Hotel de Naaldof you can rent a bike from the brand Batavus and Cortina. These bikes are carefully maintained so you won’t get any surprises once you’re on your way. You can rent a bike befor, or during your stay at the reception desk.


Ask for the prices of bike rental at the reception desk, or send an email to info@denaaldhof.nl. Kindly ask for availability when you are planning on coming with a lage group. 

Maas en Waal Package
Are you in de mood for an adventure? Then go and see our beautiful surroundings! During your stay at Hotel de Naaldhof you can ride a bike, and get to know our beautiful surroundings. When you still have some energy left, you can also use our gym and sauna facilities when you book this package.

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